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We are very grateful to TB Ramsden & Co. for allowing us to use their wonderful How to Knit lessons.

Knitting is an ancient craft with a long and well-documented history. Queen Elizabeth I is known to have worn knitted stockings and there are many items on display in museums worked in fine yarns with an almost unbelievable intricacy. Nowadays knitting is a more practical craft, geared to today’s busier lifestyles. This does not mean however that the craft has lost any of its fascination, and there is tremendous satisfaction to be obtained from the successful completion of a knitted project! Crochet is a fundamentally different technique from knitting - stitches are created using a single hook instead of a pair of needles and the fabric does not have to be ‘cast off’ at the end. Generally speaking the material that is made is thicker than fabric knitted from the same yarn, but once you are experienced and confident the work ‘grows’ much more quickly than knitting does. Crochet is a fascinating craft and well worth the time taken in learning.

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