Knitting in the Round

Knitting in Rounds

Any of the methods of casting on can be used. You can cast on onto one needle only and then transfer the stitches equally (or as indicated in the pattern) onto 3 needles before working the first round, or cast on directly onto the 3 needles. The fourth needle is used for the actual knitting.

Circular needles are recommended when there are too many stitches for sets of 4. As you are working in rounds instead of back and forth, the right side of the work is always facing you; therefore all rounds will be knit rounds for stocking stitch, unless otherwise specified in a particular pattern.

Care must be taken not to twist the stitches on the needles when working the first round and yarn should be kept tight between the needles to avoid looser stitches at corners.

Note: In some countries double-pointed needles are sold in sets of 5, the work is done on 4 needles and the 5th one used for knitting.

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